Strategic Plan

Every year OIT updates our strategic plan to capture the long-term goals. Having adopted the 4DX methodology, we call these our Wildly Important Goals (WIGs). The plan also includes the lead measures which are indicators used to track progress towards the WIG. These goals align with Governor Polis’ vision for the state and while they do not reflect all of the work of the agency, they highlight how OIT is working on our priorities. The daily work of all staff members is critical to OIT meeting the agency’s mission. Our WIGs guide us in how we deliver for our customers and Coloradans. At this thrilling moment in our history, we know we need to think differently about our service offerings and the customer experience. Together, we can deliver better services more effectively to everyone in Colorado.

Strategic Plan Dashboard

Explore our dashboard to see what progress is being made toward our WIGs. For even more detailed information about each of them, read the WIGs Explainer.