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The ADA needs an update for the digital era, but some states are ahead of the curve

Website accessibility is not a convenience — it’s essential for low-vision or blind folks. And rectifying this digital shortcoming by making websites and services accessible might soon be mandated by upcoming federal legislation. Several states are already leading the charge on making these improvements, and two of them — Colorado and Maryland — shared with StateScoop how they’re improving accessibility and why it matters. Read the story

How Colorado Is Making Tech Inclusive and Equitable

Sarah Consuelo Hernandez has a relatively rare job in state government—she works within Colorado’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) as a full-time manager of diversity, equity and inclusion. While tech equity has risen lately on government priority lists, it’s still somewhat rare for a central IT shop to have dedicated staff for the work. But things are starting to change. Read the story

Colorado to offer blind residents free audio assistance

Colorado Lt. Gov. Dianne Primavera and the Governor’s Office of Information Technology announced that blind and low-vision residents seeking to access state-government services can now access a mobile app called Aira, which connects users to live interpreters. Use of the service will be offered free of cost for up to 30 minutes per session, Primavera said.  Read the story


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