Security Tips from Colorado’s New CISO

Did you know that 99% of all cyberattacks require someone to open a file, click a link or carry out some other action?

Scammers are successful because none of us is perfect and neither is any of the technology we use. But when we do our part to stay educated and use best practices, we greatly improve our ability to protect our own information and any information we access at work from falling into the wrong hands.

“The weakest link is always ourselves,” says Ray Yepes, state Chief Information Security Officer. “We all make mistakes, so a key to security is constant education.”

Security Tips from Colorado's CISO

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Structure Web Pages for a Better User Experience

Do you manage or contribute to a website? You can create a better user experience for everyone by following accessibility best practices. Page structuring, or intentionally building web pages in a way that makes them easier for users to navigate, can improve the “feel” of a page and make sure anyone browsing your website can find what they need as quickly and easily as possible.

The most effective way to improve website accessibility for sighted and non-sighted users alike is to review page headers. Read on for some quick-and-easy ways to improve page structure.

Website Page Structure Tips


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