Colorado Digital Service

Colorado Digital Service (CDS)

A diverse, cross-functional team of senior engineers, human-centered design specialists, product managers and procurement and contracting specialists within the Governor’s Office of Information Technology (OIT). We partner with state agencies to develop and improve human-centered solutions to Colorado's most pressing technical challenges. Our team was formed in October of 2019 at the direction of Governor Jared Polis to attract tech talent into the state.

The Colorado Digital Service Logo: A dark blue circle with squares that represent pixels appearing to float away. A white horizontal stripe cuts through the middle of the blue circle. A red letter "C" with a yellow circle in the middle is layered on top.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the delivery of digital services for every person in Colorado. Digital services are the technology products that enable public services for the people of Colorado. This can include websites and supporting applications that may or may not have external-facing components.

Our Values

  • Be curious
  • Start with the problem, move to action
  • Be humble
  • Government was here before us, and it will be here after us
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Fight for equity and social justice
  • Find the truth, tell the truth (inspired by: USDS)
  • Strength in diversity (inspired by: Protect Democracy)
  • Government is us, just us (inspired by: Megan Smith)



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How We Work

We practice modern software delivery practices, including human-centered design, agile iterative development, DevSecOps and modular active procurement and contract management. We believe these methods allow us to focus on outcomes over optics and orient on problems rather than solutions. We believe it’s imperative to incorporate people who are impacted into the decision-making process. We always work with an eye on diversity, equity and inclusion.

Here’s how that looks in practice:

  • First and foremost, we believe that a healthy team culture is the most crucial factor for a successful technology project. We encourage team transparency, honesty and a never-ending drive to improve team dynamics. 
  • Though it can be tempting to start a project with a solution in mind, we like to step back and make sure everyone is clear on the problem first. This enables us to get creative and consider all of the possible options for solving a problem before we commit to one path.
  • We bring a human-centered lens to everything we do. It is imperative to incorporate people who are impacted by a project into the decision-making process. Not only does this create buy-in, but it enables a more holistic perspective of the problem, which can lead to a higher likelihood of success later on.
  • We are not the owners of a project. Instead, we work in support of our agency partners who will ultimately be responsible for continuing the work when the engagement is over.


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