Colorado Broadband Office Launches New Broadband Mapping Hub

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DENVER - The Colorado Broadband Office (CBO), under the Governor’s Office of Information Technology, announces a new Broadband Mapping Hub (Hub) available at The Hub is an easy-to-use, complete resource for Internet Service Providers, schools, communities and businesses to assist in their broadband planning, finding partnerships and applying for broadband funding through the state.

“We’ve covered a lot of ground, asking communities and industry what they need to improve broadband in Colorado,” said Brandy Reitter, Executive Director of the Colorado Broadband Office. “They overwhelmingly said they need resources to develop broadband plans, find partnerships and navigate federal funding. We are thrilled to offer that through the new Broadband Mapping Hub.”

The Hub is a place to access a wealth of broadband-related resources, including:

  • A new broadband coverage map. Now with more information, like households served or internet speeds. The new map is searchable by your area of interest (county, municipality, school district, legislative district or region). Residents can enter their address to find available broadband service, information about grants in the area and typical speeds from nearby speed tests.
  • Get a high-level look at broadband in Colorado. View the Hub dashboard for a quick look at the state’s internet speeds, households served, grant awards and proposed broadband projects. 
  • Learn about broadband projects funded by the state. The Grant Awards Dashboard provides an overview of CBO grants, awards and the progress made in awarded projects. It allows users to filter by funding program, project status and area of interest.
  • Everything needed to apply for funding. A Grant Discovery Portal where applicants can view program eligibility guidelines and find resources to prepare applications. It includes state and federal broadband grant layers, broadband coverage data and demographic data.  
  • Find and download data. The Mapping Hub includes links to authoritative data sources used in Colorado’s maps including CBO data, FCC data, U.S. Census and demography data, and other mapping resources.
  • Share your internet experience with us. The CBO Broadband Survey & Speed Test allows residents to test their home or business internet speed and share valuable information directly with the CBO.

The new Hub is available now at

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