Significant barriers to providing high-speed internet to all Coloradans are removed with new laws signed by Governor Polis

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DENVER - More Colorado homes, businesses and schools will have high-speed internet thanks to multiple broadband bills signed by Governor Polis. 

  • House Bill 24-1336: Expands how the state can use broadband funding, allowing focus on middle-mile infrastructure, fiber networks, and high-cost areas in Colorado. It also extends access to funding to local governments and non-profit organizations, helping to overcome barriers to connecting residents across the state.
  • House Bill 24-1234: The High-Cost Support Mechanism (HCSM) continues to be operated by the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to provide financial aid for affordable and reliable telecommunication and broadband services in rural communities. Funding comes from a surcharge paid by telecommunications providers and is allocated through the HCSM. HB24-1336 assigns the Colorado Broadband Office (CBO) to administer and distribute the HCSM grant funds.
  • House Bill 24-1334: Prohibits a property owner of a multi-unit building (for ex. a mobile home park or apartment building) from denying a broadband provider access to the property to install the necessary infrastructure to provide high-speed broadband service.
  • House Bill 24-1036: Continues the Rural Broadband Equipment Sales and Use Tax Refund. Broadband providers can receive a refund on state sales and use tax for property installed in a target area to provide broadband service. This initiative encourages infrastructure expansion in rural areas, benefiting rural providers and households.

“These broadband laws represent significant progress for expanding broadband in Colorado,” stated Brandy Reitter, Executive Director of the Colorado Broadband Office. “They empower the state to utilize broadband funding to drive connectivity and progress and we appreciate the work of the sponsors and the Governor signing these bills into law.”

"We are grateful to the Governor for signing these laws, the bill sponsors and the Broadband Deployment Board for their years of invaluable consultation and commitment to expanding broadband access for Coloradans," said Brian Martin, Program Manager and Broadband Deployment Board Liaison of the Colorado Broadband Office. "Their contributions have paved the way for a more connected and prosperous future for all residents."

On Wednesday, May 22, Governor Polis signed House Bill 24-1334 and 1336 during a bill signing ceremony at Fort Collins City Hall (Photos).

The CBO, part of the Governor's Office of Information Technology, leads the state's efforts to meet the Governor's goal of connecting 99% of Colorado households by the end of 2027.

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