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What It Is

Google support pages in TechU provide a plethora of information on most of their tools along with step-by-step interactive guides.

Google Applications Support

These articles will help state employees that need help using the state's Google tools suite (G Suite).

You can quickly access the state Google applications by typing chrome://apps or about:apps into the Chrome address bar.

Google Gmail: TechU 

Google Calendar: TechU

Google Contacts: TechU

Google Chat: TechU

Google Drive: TechU

Google Docs: TechU 

Google Sheets: TechU

Google Slides link: TechU

Google Forms link: TechU

Update Your Google Contacts Profile

Learn how to update your Google Contacts profile, (Google Help). No access forms are needed.


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Service Desk Contacts

The OIT Service Desk supports Colorado state agencies and county partners.

303.239.4357 (HELP)

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