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Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of state government, Coloradan service delivery and policymaking by providing guidance and recommendations on how the state should govern and manage data and data management systems.

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    Tuesday, October 4

    11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

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    Personal Identifiable Information (PII) Advisory Group

    HB21-1111 mandates the establishment of an advisory group to study where PII is stored by state agencies throughout Colorado, to study entities that have access to PII stored by state agencies, and to determine the costs and processes necessary to centralize the storage and protection of PII. 

    Next Meeting: Monday, Sept. 26, 3 p.m.

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    Data Governance

    Addresses structure and compliance related initiatives across agencies and defines protocols and recommendations for statewide initiatives through data reconciliation, PII protocols and governance best practices.

    Data Inventory

    Aligns the inventory process by providing an unambiguous scope and gathers protocols for cataloging by establishing data inventory scope and requirements; creating an agency data inventory; defining data ownership and accountability; and performing source of truth discovery.

    Data Sharing

    Addresses hurdles that relate to the handling, accessibility and utilization of data statewide by exploring and defining data sharing agreement discovery and management; policies and procedures; and data sharing standards.

    Board Creation & Role

    The Government Data Advisory Board (GDAB) was created through HB 09-1285 and its mandate was updated with House Bill 21-1236. It was specifically established to advise the State Chief Information Officer on activities and policies necessary to developing the interdepartmental data protocol created in HB 08-1364.

    The Board has two primary roles: 

    1. The first is to assist the state Chief Information Officer and Chief Data Officer in determining the state's data strategy, policies, standards, architecture and assisting with issue management. 
    2. The Board's second role is as an advocate - both from their communities to OIT regarding stakeholder needs and concerns and their community as key communicators regarding the state's progress, concerns and challenges.

    Board Responsibilities

    • Establish standards, definitions, business rules, and policies for state agencies

    • Scope and framework for statewide data governance and data management

    • Adoption of goals to measure and ensure the effectiveness of data efforts

    • Enforce a data-centric culture across agencies by conveying the data strategy and ensuring implementation is in line with state strategy

    • Serve as the conduit of communication in the function and area of ownership

    • Promote communication across the agencies so all are aware of the importance of data and buys into its value

    A report will be given to the Colorado General Assembly annually on or before March 1 by the State Chief Information Officer concerning implementing protocols for sharing data among state agencies and entities and with local governments and non-governmental entities.

      Policies and Standards

      Data Management

      Data Privacy


      Annual Report

      The annual report, issued by the Government Data Advisory Board (GDAB), discusses the progress made over the past year and key recommendations for the following year. GDAB was created via HB09-1285 to provide recommendations on the policies necessary to develop a data protocol that will facilitate cross-agency data and information sharing.

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