Lt. Governor Primavera Announces New Tool to Assist Blind and Low-Vision Coloradans Navigate State Locations and Digital Services

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DENVER - Today, Lt. Governor Dianne Primavera announced the Polis-Primavera administration is now offering a digital tool to help people access state services in real time. Aira provides Coloradans who are blind or have low vision access to live visual interpreters at no cost for up to 30 minutes per session when navigating state-operated locations and digital services. The goal of this program is to allow Coloradans to more easily access government services independently.

“Creating a Colorado for all means ensuring everyone can access essential services comfortably and independently,” said Lt. Gov. Primavera. “We’re on a mission at the state to deliver innovative, flexible options so all Coloradans can confidently take advantage of the state’s programs and benefits.”

Aira is a live, human-to-human service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Using the camera on a smartphone or computer, secure live video is streamed to a professionally-trained agent who visually interprets what is shared. Watch Lt. Gov. Primavera explain how Aira can help Coloradans access state services in this video.

“In the State of Colorado, we are driven every day to make government easy, as laid out in our Digital Government Strategic Plan,” said Anthony Neal-Graves, Chief Information Officer and Executive Director at the Governor’s Office of Information Technology (OIT). “The Aira service is another step forward in reducing barriers to state services through digital solutions, which brings us closer to creating a truly equitable, inclusive customer experience for all Coloradans.”

The new offering is an extension of the state’s efforts to be fully welcoming and accessible to all. Coloradans will be able to get assistance navigating locations and interpreting otherwise inaccessible documentation through free calls with Aira agents up to 30 minutes per session at locations such as DMV centers, state parks, colleges and state workforce centers.

“I have used Aira for six years, both in my personal life and as a state employee,” said Theresa Montano, Senior Accessibility Solutions Architect at OIT. “With the help of their agents, I have been able to deliver strategy plans and review project plans and progress charts that once were impossible without the help of a sighted teammate. Knowing Aira is always available has relieved stress in completing my work and has been invaluable since we began working remotely. I am thrilled that we will be able to help blind and low-vision Coloradans gain that same sense of relief when they interact with the state, knowing Aira is always there.”

Learn more about how to access and use Aira at Download the app from your mobile device via the Apple Store or Google Play or let your friends and family know about this service. 

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