Build An Inclusive, User-Centered Team


What It Is

Participating in and understanding user research is a team sport that requires a diverse team of stakeholders and front-line team members. 

Why It's Important

  • Teams make better decisions when all members can empathize with their customers and are immersed in user goals and pain points. 
  • Teams should work together to become the world’s foremost experts on every aspect of the problems their users encounter.
  • Inclusive products and services are the results of inclusive project teams and partner collaborations.

How to Do It

Pull together a diverse team of people who are responsible for online services, and content and understand the customers that your team serves.

  1. Leadership: People that are ultimately accountable for digital products
  2. EDO, Website Managers, and Product Owners: Decision-makers responsible for digital products
  3. Vendors and Partners: People from outside the state who provide technology and content to the product
  4. Content Editors: People who are directly editing content within the platform
  5. Developers and Agency Website Coordinators: People who build and maintain the content platform and user interface
  6. Designers: People who research and create a user-centered strategy and design products
  7. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs): People that provide content but not enter it directly into the platform
  8. Front-line management: People that understand customer’s language, frustrations, roadblocks, goals, and skill levels

Plan a kick-off that will set your team up for success by defining success.

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