Intro to User-Centered Web Services


What It Is

Human-centered web services are designed alongside the real-world users of the service. Inclusive web services are the results of inclusive design collaborations and methods.

Without user feedback and data, you may be making assumptions about:

  • Who your real users are, their diverse needs and barriers
  • What the real problem is that needs to be solved
  • What solutions will solve your user's problems and how to prioritize solutions
  • The success of your implemented solutions

Why It's Important

To deliver a service that meets your users’ needs, you have to understand:

  • Who the users are
  • What they’re trying to do
  • How they’re trying to do it 
  • How their life or work influences what they do and how
  • How they use and experience existing services

How to Do It

  1. Use the UX Guides to begin project planning and kick-off of your project.
  2. Begin onboarding your team with an understanding of the value that human-centered activities and outcomes bring to the project and that the work you do during this phase will inform everything that follows.
  3. Understanding your users from the very beginning of the project to build context for the problem you’re investigating. 
  4. Understand and align your stakeholders’ main concerns and goals with the project outcomes from the start. 
  5. Use your research to inform a measurement plan based on stakeholder and user success. 
  6. Plan from the beginning to identify requirements for the MVP and incremental improvements based on user feedback.
  7. Because humans and technology constantly change, plan on integrating a cycle of continuous improvement into the website or application you're working on. 

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