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The Colorado Digital Service team is a diverse cross-functional team of senior engineers, designers, product managers and procurement specialists serving limited "tours of civic service" (six months to two years) in government.

We work alongside dedicated civil servants in the Governor’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) and across state agencies to develop and improve user-centered solutions to Colorado's most pressing technical challenges. We report directly to Colorado’s Chief Information Officer and the Governor’s Office.


Open Positions

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Hiring Process

  1. Application: Create an account on NeoGov and submit an application. The application will ask for information such as previous work experience, education and references. At the end, it includes a short-form questionnaire.
    1. Our team will review all documents you choose to submit alongside your NeoGov application, but it is not required to include attachments like a resume, cover letter, or portfolio.
    2. For the question asking, “what is it about this job that led you to apply,” we would love to understand your motivation for being on this team.
  2. Technical interview: People who progress to the interview process will connect with a few members of our team through a 60-minute virtual interview. The interview will focus on technical skills required for the role.
  3. Soft skills interview: In the next step, people who progress will connect with a few members of our team through a 60-minute virtual interview. The conversation will focus on topics like relationship management, influencing change and leadership.
  4. Team meet and greet: People who progress will have the opportunity to meet the entire team and ask any lingering questions they might have.
  5. HR: People who progress to the last stage will connect with an HR representative for a final interview.
  6. Background check: Final candidates will go through a background check prior to joining.




In order to work for the Colorado Digital Service, you need to live in the State of Colorado. If you currently live in a different location, the State of Colorado does not offer a relocation package. The Colorado Digital Service Team has had members move to join the team, so we will be happy to help you however we can with the moving process.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the team is remote-first. The Colorado Digital Service meets occasionally in the Denver metro area for in-person meetings as team members feel is safe and appropriate. We also have the opportunity to meet agency partners in person to collaborate on work. Most agency offices are located in the Denver metro area.

Vaccination Status / Testing Requirements

State employees are required to attest to and verify that they are fully vaccinated for COVID-19, or submit to twice-weekly serial testing.


At this time, the Colorado Digital Service team hires mid-level to senior individual contributors. Please check open job postings for specific requirements.


Working at CDS

Values / Practices

Our values are inspired by our own experience and those organizations that came before us and include the following:

  • Be curious
  • Start with the problem, move to action
  • Be humble
  • Government was here before us, and it will be here after us
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Social justice
  • Find the truth, tell the truth (inspired by: USDS)
  • Strength in diversity (inspired by: Protect Democracy)
  • Government is us, just us (inspired by: Megan Smith)

The means by which we accomplish work in the state are guided by the following practices:

  • We practice a collaborative approach to deliver services for Coloradans using modern design and technology practices.
  • We learn from and share with a robust community of practice within Colorado and with other civic tech organizations.
  • We model a healthy team culture that focuses on diversity, equity, inclusion, and psychological safety.
  • We break expectations, not rules.
  • We advocate for modern software practices that work in the government.

If you join us for an interview, you will undoubtedly get a chance to share your own values and work practices with us.

Term Limit

We serve on a tour-of-service model, with the goal of cycling in diverse tech-fluent talent to the state that likely would otherwise not consider a role in government (and inspiring some to stay in the public sector). Our term is currently 2 years, with an option to extend at the end for an additional year.


We access the same employee benefits as all State of Colorado employees (including a pension plan and competitive health insurance), which you can read more about at the Division of Human Resources.



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