Meet the Team

Ploy Buraparate head shot

Ploy Buraparate (she/her)

Ploy is a Team Lead at the Colorado Digital Service. 

At CDS, she leads the Hub team that is responsible for work across agencies in the executive branch. Ploy is a multi-disciplinary designer, researcher, and facilitator who loves to knit value to humans into technological interactions. 

Outside of work, she plays video games with her husband, walks her dog, Duke, and can likely be found watching hockey somewhere with her little family. 


A profile image of Ashley Darnell who is a white woman with long brown hair wearing a red shirt.

Ashley Darnell (she/her)

Ashley is the Team Lead for the Behavioral Health Administration team. 

At CDS, Ashley specializes in product strategy and serves as the Portfolio Manager for BHA as well as supporting the BHA CDS team.

Before joining CDS, Ashley worked in the healthcare technology space to improve clinical workflows and facilitate longitudinal care management. Ashley has a background in Global Public Health and Product Management

Outside of work, Ashley loves travelling, DIY projects (that typically fail the first time), audiobooks, farmers markets, paddleboarding and her dogs.


A man with brown skin, dark brown eyes, and short black hair with facial hair peppered with a few gray hairs looks directly into the camera and smiles warmly.

Shashank Sundareshan (he/him)

Shashank is a team lead on the Colorado Digital Service team, focused on supporting DPA with the Payroll Modernization project and setting up a Payroll Product team. 

Before joining CDS, Shashank led teams across Operations, Strategy, and Analytics functions at health / tech companies like Virta Health, Uber, Instacart and Angi. He loves thinking about big and complex problems, and how to solve them.

Outside of work, Shashank runs, reads and spends time with his wife, daughter and dog. 


A profile photo of Debra Alban. Debra is a person who is white with shoulder-length, curly red hair. She is wearing a fur hat and winter jacket and is standing in front of a blue sky.

Debra Alban (she/her)

Debra is a product manager at the Colorado Digital Service.

At CDS, Debra has supported product management for Colorado’s benefits application (PEAK) and the Universal Preschool team at the Colorado Department of Early Childhood.

Before joining CDS, she worked as a product manager in the health, media and real estate spaces.

Outside of work, Debra enjoys playing arcade skeeball with her family, Wordle-ing, and snuggling with her dog and two cats.


A white man with blue eyes and short brown hair with facial hair peppered with a few gray hairs looks directly into the camera and smiles. He is wearing a white collared shirt under a gray sweater.

Sam Bramley (he/him)

Sam is an Engineering Lead at the Colorado Digital Service. 

At CDS, Sam hopes to help define best practices for engineering, architecture, and technology ownership in a collaboration between OIT and agencies.

Before joining CDS, Sam worked in a consulting capacity across multiple industries, grew engineering teams and providing technical leadership for engineering organisations.

Outside of work, spends time with his family and occasionally fosters dogs (because who doesn’t enjoy a bit of chaos).  


Ana Bel smiles into the camera.

Ana Bel Campos (she/her)

Ana Bel is a Human-Centered Design specialist at the Colorado Digital Service.

At CDS, Ana Bel is part of the hub team and works to understand and map residents’ life experiences, and to improve their overall journey when interacting with different government services. 

Before joining CDS, Ana Bel spent the last 8 years designing digital products for the civic, health, education, and philanthropy sectors at a digital agency focused on social impact clients. For the last 2, she led the design team to create and implement a more equitable design process.

Outside of work, her curiosity about human behavior and emotions had led her to pursuit an M.S. in Psychology. She’s graduating in the summer of 2024, when she will hopefully have more time to travel, read something not psychology-related, try a new sport, and enjoy the beautiful Colorado nature with her partner and two dogs.


AJ is the Strategic Sourcing and Relationship Manager at the Colorado Digital Service

Ajanae Cannady (she/her)

Ajanae is a procurement specialist supporting the Behavioral Health Administration’s (BHA) technology and data team.

At CDS, Ajanae works across all BHA tech domains to strategically secure the products and services they need to effectively serve the public. She is also involved in several initiatives aimed towards building more process, maturity, and equity across BHA. 

Before joining CDS, Ajanae worked in procurement, contracting, continuous improvement and change management roles in state and local government. She has dedicated 8+ years to public service and hopes to use her expertise to help people achieve equitable, sustainable outcomes. 

Outside of work, Ajanae finds joy in competitive games, fun activities, adventure, and being around loved ones. She also loves a good brunch and happy hour.


A white man with light skin, blue eyes, and blonde hair looks into the camera and smiles warmly. He is sitting in the front seat of a car, his dogs smile happily in the back seat.

Brian Curtis (he/him)

Brian is a product manager on the Colorado Digital Service Hub team.

At CDS, Brian leads product for the Digital Government initiative, focusing on making government services more accessible and user-friendly for all Coloradans through innovative digital experiences.

Before joining CDS, Brian worked at the intersection of content and technology across the public and private sectors, including at Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and most recently with the Tasmanian state government.

Outside of work, you’ll find Brian in the mountains with his wife and/or dog, either fighting against or flowing with gravity.


A profile image of Mina Farzad. Mina has long dark hair and a grey sweater. She is tilting her head to one side and is standing in front of a blue wall.

Mina Farzad (she/her)

Mina is an interdisciplinary designer, technologist, culture steward, and musician based in Denver.

At CDS, Mina uses service design, deep research, and relational facilitation to help agencies solve sticky service delivery problems. She also leads CDS’s communications, employee engagement, and recruitment and hiring efforts.

Before joining CDS, she spent seven years as a designer, researcher, and product manager on projects like VA.gov, developer.va.gov, and the federal student visa program. 

Outside of work, you can find Mina at the nearest jazz show or mosh pit. If she’s not there, she’s probably got her hands in the dirt working on a permaculture project or her nose in a book. Mina is passionate about literacy and volunteers across the city as a tutor and mentor to learners of all ages. Tell your dog she says hi!


A profile photo of Abigail Fisher. Abigail is a person who is white with shoulder-length blonde, curly hair and clear-framed glasses. She has a dark blue, collared long-sleeve shirt on and is standing in front of a light blue wall.

Abigail Fisher (she/her)

Abigail is a civic designer embedded with the Behavioral Health Administration (BHA).

At CDS, she hopes to bring her experience co-designing with communities to push CDS’s design practice and help agencies embed participation in their operations.

Before joining CDS, she was at NYC’s service design studio piloting the use of co-design in building a digital access program. 

Outside of work, she loves to sew, craft, and generally make wacky things that make her laugh. She has a big goofy dog named Moose that might try to guard you someday if you come and hang out with them in Longmont.


Steve Kurtz, Engineering Lead for the Colorado Digital Service

Steve Kurtz (he/him)

Steve is an Engineering Lead at the Colorado Digital Service. 

At CDS, Steve hopes to help define what good technical ownership looks like through understanding the goals, needs and constraints of Colorado agencies, programs and technical teams.

Before joining CDS, Steve was lucky to work with some amazing dev teams as a software engineer and technical lead.  He focused on supporting positive developer experiences, promoting good design processes and communication, code reuse and community building.

Outside of work, he loves watching episodes of PBS Spacetime, learning about the history of discoveries and creating light field holograms from family vacation photos.  


A profile image of Alex Orlov. Alex has red, medium-length hair and a dark blue shirt. She is standing in front of a grey wall.

Alex Orlov (she/her)

Alex is a Human-Centered Design Specialist at the Colorado Digital Service.

At CDS, she leads design work on the Public domain at Colorado's Behavioral Health Administration. This includes improving how people seeking care find a mental health or substance use treatment provider that best fits their needs. 

Before joining CDS, she worked as a product and UX designer for several Denver technology companies. And before THAT, she worked as a digital journalist writing about food, travel, and news. Being relentlessly curious and asking good questions are her superpowers, and she believes creating effective design is a team sport. 

Outside of work, Alex loves exploring Colorado’s many trails with her dog.


A man with light brown skin and black curly hair pulled back and a thick beard looks directly into the camera and smiles happily.

Miguel Pérez (he/him)

Miguel is a designer.

At CDS, he supports the DPA with creating a program of continuous improvement of its service delivery. His role is to help the team ground themselves in stakeholder needs and work through the risks and complexities of payroll modernization.

Before joining CDS, Miguel worked as a lead designer and researcher for companies like Mars, Autodesk, and Arrow. 

Outside of work, he loves to make art and play with code.


Corrina Salcido, Procurement Strategist at the Colorado Digital Service

Corrina Salcido

Corrina is a Procurement Lead on the Hub Team.

At CDS, Corrina seeks to bring her experience in strategic sourcing, building partnerships and program management to help further the goals for the Colorado Digital Service Team.

Before joining CDS, Corrina negotiated complex contracts and led software product strategy with strategic partnerships and alliances.  

Outside of work, Corrina is a mother of two young men, lead hooman of 2 dogs, a wannabe snowbum hitting the slopes all winter, an aspiring baker, accidental gardener, avid reader, and RC car enthusiast.


Long Tran

Long Tran (he/him)

Long is product manager for the BeHealth domain within the Behavioral Health Administration.

At CDS, Long hopes to bring data interoperability and set standards for how data can be shared.

Before joining CDS, Long worked in the private sector, bringing value and over 15 years of software experience to users in the insurance, finance and broadcast media industries.

Outside of work, Long enjoys working out, playing ultimate frisbee, bicycling and cooking!



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