Customer Engagement Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are two ways to get started:

  1. Open a ticket through the ServiceHub Customer Portal.
  2. Contact your agency IT Portfolio Manager or IT Director.

Learn more about OIT's roles and responsibilities, as well as how the Office interacts with agencies, in the OIT Authority & Governance Operations Memorandum.

The OIT Customer Office provides information technology (IT) services to assist State of Colorado executive branch customers in managing IT projects.

The Customer Engagement Team within the Customer Office comprises experienced and knowledgeable professionals who provide expertise in project management and work with customers to determine project needs at the planning and development stages.

The scope of services provided depends on customer needs and may include a short project consult to full project management.

Please refer to OIT's Service Catalog for more information about what the Customer Engagement Team can provide for your agency.

OIT has provided a handy guide to help you understand the process, timelines, and expectations. 

Contact Theresa Montano, Solutions Architect of Accessibility, at theresa.montano@state.co.us about any questions you have or to get started on any of the below services.

OIT provides accessibility services to help make State of Colorado websites and applications accessible and inclusive to everyone:

  • Siteimprove website accessibility checker (not available for applications)
  • IT product evaluation
  • Accessibility remediation

OIT can also help with evaluating the accessibility of a product to make sure it meets state accessibility technical standards:

  1. First, try to contact the product owner or vendor of the application that needs attention.
  2. If the product owner or vendor is unknown, please contact your agency IT Program Manager or IT Director.