Accessible Links


Using descriptive text in links helps people with dyslexia, cognitive disabilities and people who rely on screen readers to scan for important content.

Well-defined links also make content more discoverable and easier to navigate for all.

How to

Be descriptive

  • Write link text so that it describes the content of the link target. The purpose of the link should be clearly displayed.
  • Avoid using link text like, ‘click here’ or ‘read more’. 
  • Links should make sense out of context since tabbing from link to link is a way of skimming content with a screen reader. Use phrases like, “Chat with an agent”, “Services and resources”, or “Sign up to receive our newsletter.”
  • Note the document type in the link, for example, ‘Proposal Documents (PDF)’.

Resources for State of Colorado Agencies

Siteimprove: Siteimprove’s software helps to improve State website usability and accessibility by automating the process of finding errors and problems. Siteimprove alone will not make websites accessible but is part of a holistic approach to managing web services.

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