Accessibility for Document Creators


“We need to make every single thing accessible to every single person with a disability.”― Stevie Wonder


Impact and responsibilities

The quality of accessible documents you create and share is the difference between a colleague or community member’s success and failure in their ability to accomplish a goal or receive essential services.

  • Everyone who provides the content to a document has a responsibility for accessibility. As a document creator, you have the responsibility to create an equitable experience for users of all ability levels. 
  • The goal is to create content that is accessible as it’s created.
  • Understand the State Accessibility Technical Standards and best practices for meeting compliance guidelines for all digital content you are producing.
  • Understand how to create accessible documents, spreadsheets and presentations. 
  • Stay updated on accessibility best practices.

What You Can Do


State Agency Planning Resources

IT Accessibility Planning Guide

The IT Accessibility Planning Guide website is made available only to state agencies for the purpose of providing guidance, tools and updates that are relevant only to state agencies and their unique statutory requirements. The Technology Accessibility Program team (TAP) has made every effort to provide similar, relevant resources available to local government entities (see Local Government Resources).

Contact: oit_accessibility@state.co.us

Local Government Planning Resources

Accessibility Planning for Local Government, 2023 (Google Slides)

This presentation is designed to help local government teams understand their responsibilities and provide basic guidance for planning and operationalizing accessibility. Similar guidance can be found on the Accessibility Planning Core Criteria webpage.

  • Colorado Laws for Persons with Disabilities
  • Planning tools and guidance
  • Links to more information and resources

Contact: oit_accessibility@state.co.us